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Are Hot Cross Buns Oversized Scones?

Been considering the cosmic questions of Life, the Universe & Everything. Are hot cross buns oversized scones?   Is a scone a yeast free hot cross bun? (Note: What’s the meaning of scone?)

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Sydney to Melbourne-XPT Train. A Very Sad Tale.

It’s 7.00am at Central Station, Sydney. Nothing very inviting to eat around here so the cart coffee & a plastic muffin will have to do. At 7.42am the XPT train departs for Melbourne, that’s about 11 hours & 1000 kilometres … Continue reading

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Hello & Welcome to Sconquest.

Sconequest is about people, places & enjoying life’s little pleasures, especially scones. Scones are a reflection of human civilization & show our development from using the simplest of doughs, gathering fruit, domesticating animals & the making of tea or coffee. … Continue reading

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