Canberra, ACT. Turner from the Tate.

Braving the Canberra Cold for Art

As it was minus five degrees in Canberra there was no hurry to visit the National Gallery of Australia. Much more pleasant to let the morning crowds go first and have pumpkin quiche for lunch at the gallery cafe before ambling onto the exhibition. Thursday afternoon was fairly quiet & there was no problem viewing the paintings. It all depends on your taste but I preferred the watercolours although you could see how Turner was a precursor to the impressionists. Didn’t try the cream tea or high teas at the NGA as it was not very inviting set up in the corridor. Instead we went up the road to the National Library of Australia and had hexagon scones with raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla jam. Bookplate cafe is always excellent!

See if it’s worth becoming a NGA member as you get a free ticket to Turner if it’s the first time you’ve joined. Go now before all the last minute crowds. If its cold just eat more tea and scones!

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5 Responses to Canberra, ACT. Turner from the Tate.

  1. Liz says:

    What a great idea. Hexagon scones, next time I shall make mine hexagon too. Thanks for sharing and wish you a wonderful weekend.

  2. I totally agree! Bookplate is the best. And the view from the seats on the terrace isn’t bad either…

  3. Yes Adore Tea is lovely isn’t it? I just did the High Tea “degustation” there on Saturday and the scones were enormous! Great tea-flavoured home made jams as well. I am a big fan of Silo Bakery in Kingston and also Ricardo’s cafe in Jamison is in an unlikely location but has the most incredible macarons.

    • Sconquest says:

      Glad to hear your also a fan of Adore Tea. I like to have a DIY high tea there. We pick the yummiest cakes & tea to add to our scones and share them around. Thanks I will have to try Silo Bakery & Ricardo’s. I keep trying to go to the Homestead Cafe at Hall but its always full or closed when I’m in Canberra. Hope your also a fan of Dobinson’s Bakery in Civic which is great for breakfast too!

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