Hello & Welcome to Sconquest!

Did you ever wonder why you never knew about a really great place to visit somewhere?

Whether you’re looking for scrumptious scones, fantastic scenery, amazing adventures, incredible stories or life’s simple pleasures I hope to develop my Sconquest blog as a guide for great places to see & things to do, especially if there’s great scones somewhere nearby too.

It’s a big, wide world out there! Where to go & what to do?

By scouring Australia and venturing overseas, I want to share information and photos of the special places I’ve discovered so you are better able to make the most of your own day or trip. Stories of my adventures are the focus but should include useful information about taste & quality, service, cost, value & atmosphere. Basically, was it worth it?  

Regardless, it’s become a popular talking point whenever I ask ‘What’s your favourite place for scones?’ I’ve become a good listener! It’s been wonderful to meet other travellers who have embraced my love of scones and travel to such a degree that they are now devotees who report back to me. Scones just seem to make people happy!

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