Mt Ruapehu, N.Z. Patience Duly Rewarded ****4stars.

Waiting Amidst the Clouds & Mist until the Sunshines!


Still Waiting Amidst the Clouds & Mist

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night but the road to the Mt Ruapehu base area was covered in mist and and not at all inviting. Here’s a map. We stopped at the Cafe and took a few photos of the sign to commemorate our visit and wondered whether to venture into the fog to find the ‘lookout’ ie. stretch our legs a little. Mmmm. Once again we were captivated by the mist and that longing for it to clear and reveal it’s secrets. We just sat awhile amid the mist and boulders, and waited. This enticed a few other hopeful individuals to join us, while keeping a keen eye on what was obviously a precipice nearby. Our guide from Walking Legends was happy to accommodate us and while away the time with stories of the mountain, keeping in mind we were sitting on an active volcano. Past eruptions make great stories though!

Still Waiting Amidst the Clouds & Mist

So we practice patience and wonder if we’re having delusions as some rocky outcrops and the valley below gradually appear. It was all pretty dismal and barren, as you’d expect on a lava flow but captivating at the same time with the awesome power of nature right before us. Fancy living here. The altitude is 16oo metres. In winter the transformation in snow and with skiers would be striking. It’s very, very quiet.

Unfortunately, the weather has closed the chairlift today so there’s no chance of scones at the Knoll Ridge Cafe which is wedged into the mountain at 2020 metres above sea level, the views must be fantastic!

Amidst the Clouds & Mist 


& Glorious Sunshine!

After enjoying the emerging panorama it’s time for some exercise and a walk around the Silica Rapids where our patience is rewarded with a magnificent view of Mt Ruapehu and glorious sunshine. However, the story continues…..

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