St Paul’s Cathedral, London. Simply Stunning *****5 stars.

Magnificent St Pauls, pity about the awful scones.

UK_0119 UK_0120

My first stop in London is St Paul’s Cathedral which truly deserves to be on the top of every tourist’s list of destinations for London. I ventured up to the whispering gallery & out onto the balcony. Look closely inside the dome and you’ll be surprised that it’s all painted & not real stone and mortar. It’s such a long way down too. What a fantastic space! Outside you get to look across the Millenium Bridge over the Thames to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. I don’t think I need to go to the top of the Shard. St Paul’s is quite high enough for me. I’m happy wondering around the balcony & taking plenty of photos across the city.

UK_0108 UK_0103UK_0104 UK_0111

Never eaten scones sitting in a crypt before, it’s a bit weird. The scones here at St Paul’s are from another dimension as they are very small and rock hard. Probably good to keep your teeth clean. Looking around me, I have to wonder about eating amongst the dead bodies. I’m not sure if people realise what a crypt is. I had to go and ask an unsuspecting clergymen who said there were no graves at this end just memorials. This section wasn’t ‘known’ to have any bodies as the original medieval church was on a different alignment. I wasn’t particularly reassured as Nelson, Wellington & Wren’s tomb aren’t far away in the crypts. Glad I didn’t ask about the plague!

UK_0112 UK_0113

A nearby table was full of ladies enjoying their morning tea right in front of a memorial with half naked angels. There’s a strange juxtaposition between revered & real. While munching on these curiously dry English scones I wondered about who had been here before me. Even the floor your walking on is paved with tombstones. It gives the taking of tea & scones a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Go anyway!

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