2014 New Years Escape: Coming Full Circle.

Life Aboard the Southern Aurora

Sthn Aurora_0093

If you haven’t travelled overnight on a sleeper there is a lot of insignificant detail to learn. How do you get the bed down? Why won’t it lock back into the wall? Why isn’t there any drinking water? Why won’t the footstool stay up? Why do I have to wait till we’re moving to have a shower? Can’t they hear their alarm? etc…..Fancy, they used to smoke in here!  It was only after my third breakfast I realised the blinds on the windows went up. It would have made my sunrise photos or round the bend photos so much easier. Seems obvious once you know, doesn’t it? I need to be just a few inches taller.

Sthn Aurora_0037  Sthn Aurora_0031

Inside the carriage with the 20 single compartments there’s a narrow corridor that snakes around each of the births to provide entertainment for your fellow travellers as the train rocks from side to side as they make their way up to the lounge or dining cars. The seat is quite comfortable and the bed is in the wall behind it & pulls down over the top. From the seat or bed you have the steel cabinet with the wash basin and the toilet. It’s rather compact but very convenient.

 Sthn Aurora_0137  Very Cosy!  Sthn Aurora_0138Sthn Aurora_0099  Sthn Aurora_0028

There’s a little hanging space & a drop down ledge by the head of the bed as well as a powerpoint, that’s all. My small suitcase is under the bed. The men said they didn’t have trouble with the length of the bed which must have been about 6 foot.

Sthn Aurora_0073  Sthn Aurora_0098

Just when you’ve got it all worked out it’s time to go. No worries. I’ll have to go again! Perhaps I can convince them to have scones or high tea next time!

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