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Parramatta, NSW. Riding the Rails of Yesteryear

Ye Olde Steam Tramway After my recent trip on the Southern Aurora, I wondered why I have such a fascination with trains. Beyond the fact that they are such marvellous examples of human ingenuity, trains are a tangible link to … Continue reading

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2014 New Years Escape: Coming Full Circle.

Life Aboard the Southern Aurora If you haven’t travelled overnight on a sleeper there is a lot of insignificant detail to learn. How do you get the bed down? Why won’t it lock back into the wall? Why isn’t there … Continue reading

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Wallabadah, NSW. Racing Headlong into the New Year

Day 2: Off to a Great Start Knowing nothing about racing was not entirely a disadvantage at the Wallabadah races as two horses in the first race refused to enter the barriers so my odds went from 1 chance in … Continue reading

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Upper Hunter Valley, NSW. Cruising aboard the Southern Aurora

Day 1: On Being without Barrington Tops or Scones but with Fireworks    Travelling with Heritage Express on the Southern Aurora, a 50 year old inter-city express passenger train. The itinerary says: Explore the Barrington Wilderness from the Hunter World Heritage … Continue reading

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Taree, NSW. A Voice in the Wilderness

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s hot in Dungog. Last night I boarded the Southern Aurora at Sydney’s Central Station. For me this was not my first sleeper but it was my first trip on the Southern Aurora which is … Continue reading

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Tower of London, England. Tales of Treasure, Murder & Mayhem ****4stars

A Lesson in English History    It was such a glorious, sunny day. After St Paul’s Cathedral I visited the Tower of London which was not far away. Just follow the path along the river from St Paul’s up towards … Continue reading

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The Dawn of Sconeology

The Blending of Science & Fiction Anthropology is the science of humanity that endeavours to understand the diverse nature of people and their cultures. Sconeology explores the nature of people searching for great scones and great places to enjoy them. Their quest reveals … Continue reading

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Canberra, ACT. Turner from the Tate.

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Braving the Canberra Cold for Art As it was minus five degrees in Canberra there was no hurry to visit the National Gallery of Australia. Much more pleasant to let the morning crowds go first and have pumpkin quiche for … Continue reading

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Mt Tongariro, N.Z. The Joys of Rocks, Rubble & the Rest *****5 stars

And All the Way Down Again Our brain is a curious thing. We think of all sorts of things as we walk along and even break into song at times but on the return journey our perspective is always completely … Continue reading

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Mt Tongariro, N.Z. Rising to the Challenge *****5 stars.

The Only Way is Up. As always, an early start is best for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on New Zealand’s North Island. Here’s a website with info and a Map. Signposts indicate distances and times and help to track your progress. Are … Continue reading

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