Taree, NSW. A Voice in the Wilderness

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s hot in Dungog. Last night I boarded the Southern Aurora at Sydney’s Central Station. For me this was not my first sleeper but it was my first trip on the Southern Aurora which is now 50 years old. During the night we meandered through the Sydney suburbs and headed north to the Hunter Valley & Gloucester. I am in a carriage of 20 single compartments which takes a little getting used to but is fine. How many of our parents could have afforded this luxury? Sunrise among the mountain mist was captivating.

What funny creatures we are. We are in a new place & know no-one but here my fellow passengers are at least friendly and not plugged in. A little champagne helps the process along but it’s funny how you can be lonely even amidst a huge crowd. At least Heritage Rail doesn’t charge extra for singles.

There’s a friendly message on my phone, a Voice in the Wilderness brings reality back into focus.

After a a hearty breakfast on board at Mt George and lunch at Carriageways I was hoping for lavender scones at Camelot Lavender Farm when someone asked me why? As Douglas Adams wrote about Life, the Universe & Everything it would not really seem to matter, except as a point of reference within our existence. Perhaps, this will resonate with you & become a Voice in the Universe for others. Who knows?
Dinner & fireworks at Taree beckon. Happy New Year from Sconquest

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