Hello & Welcome to Sconquest.

Sconequest is about people, places & enjoying life’s little pleasures, especially scones. Scones are a reflection of human civilization & show our development from using the simplest of doughs, gathering fruit, domesticating animals & the making of tea or coffee.

Our quest starts in Australia as we endeavour to locate the elusive treasure trove of great scones, delicious fruit jams & cream. Integral to our search is exploring the wonderful places that make our journey worthwhile and help us to burn up the calories we consume.

Everyone  has memories & favourite places they visit & seem very happy to share their experiences with us. The idea for Sconquest came while sitting and eating scones under apple trees in an orchard,  near Canberra a few weeks ago. Why hadn’t we done this before? We hadn’t know about it, even though it was the 21st Annual Apple day!

The swingbridge in the photo above leads to the Old Mountaineers cafe in Mt Cook, NZ.  Hopefully, Sconquest will give us all lots of opportunities to find great scones, explore wonderful places, share stories & have lots of fun at the same time!

Now, let’s start with Australia.

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1 Response to Hello & Welcome to Sconquest.

  1. Lynnie R says:

    What a marvellous idea. Milton needs some scone counselling

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