Are Waffles simply Road-kill Scones?

Funny, how many variations there are on what can be done with some flour, butter, milk & eggs. It’s surprising how many scone recipes have eggs and how many different ways they’re made. Quite often, I find myself ordering waffles or pancakes with strawberries & cream or ice-cream (or both!). I love that vanilla bean ice-cream, especially if there’s berry coulis or a wonderful chocolate sauce as well! When it’s warmer, perhaps I should visit New Zealand for some of their wonderful ice-cream. Our cows just aren’t the same.

Consider these pictures. Are they really very different except that the waffle is flat ?

Eitherway, they both taste great. The scones were from the Blue Mist cafe at Wentworth Falls & the waffle from the Lindt cafe in Sydney. Madelines at Leura does excellent waffles with strawberries & chocolate sauce. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a photo so I’ll just have to go back, won’t I!

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