Acland St,St Kilda, Vic. A wall of cakes.**2stars

Disappointment in Paradise.

After hearing so many superlatives about the cakes in Acland St, I was prepared to be overwhelmed. I wasn’t but at least I’d got on the right tram this time. As you can see the windows were choc a bloc with enticing delicacies but the shops were rather underwhelming and unwelcoming.


Seemed like they lived by reputation not by reality. The temptation was to walk away but with all the positive recommendations I had to give it a try, but it was so hard to choose as none looked particularly inviting. The choices were between Acland, Monarch, Le Bon or Europa Cakes. I chose Acland. My preference was to take it away & sit on the beach but I  resolved to be strong and ordered an apple strudel & coffee. Squeezing myself onto the mosaic of tables crammed up against the wall I was shocked to find it was the old fashioned cream full of sugar. Yuk, I’ve been spoilt with so much nice cream around. My strudel tasted of lemon rather than apple so I wasted no time in succumbing to the lure of the beach and St Kilda Pier and resolving to return to one of my favourite haunts, the Hopetoun tea rooms.

Still winter but a glorious day to stroll along the beach and out to the pier and blow away any lingering cobwebs. Another time there’ll have to be a dedicated stop for Devonshire tea at the St Kilda Pier Kiosk. In the park there’s a statue of Captain Cook unveiled in 1914. For those with cultural curiousity check out the 1914 newspaper article from Trove.What would Captain James Cook think of all this enlightenment he’s brought to the world?


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1 Response to Acland St,St Kilda, Vic. A wall of cakes.**2stars

  1. Lynn Revai says:

    That Creme Broule at the Hopetoun tearoom was too much. Rich. Others seemed OK

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