The Olgas, Kata Tjuta,NT. Just Addicted to Rocks.*****5stars

A Winning Trifecta

What a wonderful combination, Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock-Uluru and the Olgas-Kata Tjuta. Why would you come all this way and miss seeing any of them? They are truly superb, uniquely different to each other and MASSIVE. Kings Canyon has you climbing up and exploring the canyon rim and the hidden Garden of Eden, Ayers Rock is a round trip either up or all around with enticing grottos and caves while the delightful Olgas captivate and draw you into the very heart of  the rocks. Is there a better reason to be continually up and out of bed before dawn?

Up even earlier today to drive the 50 km out to the Kata Tjuta from Yulara Resort at Ayers Rock before sunrise. Here’s the Visitors Guide for Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park with maps and info. There’s also a sunrise and sunset viewing platform in the dunes near Kata Tjuta for some great pictures. Fortunately, everything is well signposted for directions and information.


We just had a great time at the Valley of the Winds walking through the heaps of rock to the Karu Lookout firstly and then onto the Karingana Lookout with wonderful views across the valley and rock formations. Here’s it’s conglomerate so looks more like chocolate muffin mix and completely different to Uluru’s sandstone.

Obviously, just addicted to rocks!


So far we’ve been fortunate to have the benefit of the shade, especially in that last steep section up to the second lookout. hard not to keep going but it’s much more exposed so we turn back as we want to have time to enjoy Walpa Gorge as well.

Just have to keep looking back but then the valley’s gone. Strange to see there are plants growing on the top of them and looking like a hilltop courtyard. A creek and covered water station are welcome rest spots.

Are you convinced yet?

With such glorious skies and autumn sunshine we head back to the carpark and the short drive to Walpa Gorge. Expended plenty of energy but there’s not a scone in sight. Funny, how some of the rocks look like scones or even submarines, but perhaps that’s just the heat getting to me?


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1 Response to The Olgas, Kata Tjuta,NT. Just Addicted to Rocks.*****5stars

  1. John Revai says:

    You know the key to an Australian outback holiday is getting up early before the heat sets in. In April the shade is a refreshing walk. By midday it is no fun. Every morning breakfast in the dark but there is always the afternoon snooze to rest those travellers legs followed by a swim in the pool before dinner. LUXURY!
    Fellow rock addict

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