Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT. Working Together.

Palya! Welcome to Anangu Land            Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park

Park-aku nintiringanyi     Learning about the park – both ways

Ananguku ngura nyangatja, Anangu Tjukurpa tjutatjara.
This is an Aboriginal place with much Anangu law.

Nganana panya Tjukurpa nyanga palula tjana-languru kulini.
We hear this law from others who know.

Kamilu, tjamulu tjana panya tjukurpa kunpu,
Our grandmothers and grandfathers

kanyiningi ara kunpu kanyiningi,
held the law strongly, and held our culture strongly,

munuya Anangu tjuta kunpu nyinangi.
and they lived strongly and happily.

Ka kuwari nyanga nganana tjungu nyinanyi piranpa tjuta munu maru tjuta.
Now we are living together, white people and black people.

Nganana tjungu waakaripai, piranpa munu maru palu purunypa.
We are working together, white and black, equal.

Uwankara Ulurula munu Kata Tjutala tjukaruru ngaranyi.
Everything at Uluru and Kata Tjuta still runs according to our law.

Text  from Australian Government Director of National Parks website.

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