Melbourne, Tram Restaurant ****4 stars Great but no scones.

What: The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant
Departs: Tramstop #125 Normanby Road, near the corner of Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.
When: Lunch 1.00 -3.00pm, Early Dinner 5.45-7.15pm, Late Dinner 8.35-11.30pm.
Value: Excellent
Cost: Lunch $82.50 Early Dinner $77  Late Dinner $121(Sun-Thurs) $137.50 (Fri-Sat).
Notes: Excellent Food & Service. No scones or cakes.

Running on Time


After a brief stint made necessary by us overshooting our tramstop we arrived  at the tramstop just in time. The added exercise only served to heighten our appetites & as the weather was beautifully fine & warm a drink was very welcome. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo so this one (above) is off their website.

Where to start? A little water first & then some nice sparkling wine (aka champagne). Wasting no time,  we tried the appetiser. It was Chicken liver & cognac pate, and Roasted red capsicum dip.   

Rumbling along we travelled down to St Kilda & Toorak & then back up & around the city. An occassional local came out to lean on their fence & give us a wave. I wondered if he did this every day. Probably. The trams would be as good as clocks & our 3 carriages carried over 100 people having a very good time. It seemed a lot of money but the atmosphere was convivial, the service & food were excellent, and with plenty of drinks to choose from, it seemed worth the expense.

Kangaroo Fillet was the Entree we chose & the main to follow was Eye Fillet of Beef which were very tasty & tender, and with vegetables too. There must be a real art in menu & timing to have enough in each course to satisfy but not to over indulge, not to mention working in such tight spaces. No worries, we stayed put & just enjoyed the ride. I kept an eye on my map & spied my favourite coffee shop on the hill down to the St Kilda Pier, each time we went past. The waiter even asked if I wanted to get off, but was kind enough to help when I got confused with all our comings & goings, twists & turns.


A range of fruits followed by tea or coffee  finished off our meal perfectly. The timing was impeccable as we finished our tea & returned to the Crown Casino, where we had started two hours before. Something to share with someone special.

Now what?

A tram was heading our way. Run! More Exercise!!! Where was it heading?  St Kilda!

It must be Fate.


P.S.  There is also a Tram restaurant in Bendigo. Unfortunately, the tram that plied the streets of Christchurch is closed for now. The Good news is that last week the Punt on the Avon started up again. It was a great place.

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