St Kilda, Melbourne. No Scones today- A Twilight Tale.

A Twilight Tale of St Kilda.

Finally, we caught our breath after running for the tram & were soon off again in St Kilda. Rumour has it that there’s a world class cake shop somewhere here in Acland St, St Kilda. Our tourist map had the street but we didn’t know the name.  How hard could it be?

We’d got off the tram in Fitzroy St so we wandered down to the pier and walked out to the St Kilda Pier Kiosk, which was recently rebuilt after it burnt down in 2004. It’s closed for a private function but we got to the walkway where you see the penguins come ashore at night & watch the city views. It’s too early, so we’ll come back, later. Now, it’s only 4pm &  dusk is about 6pm. So we go for a wander past the sea baths which is mostly shops now.

Ever onwards, we forge back UP the alley & the past the Esplanade Hotel. No RocKwiz trivia on here today. UP the hill, round the corner & eventually we’re back into Acland St again. No cake shop here, just a few shops behind the pub, it’s mostly houses. ??? More exercise, back DOWN to Fitzroy St then back UP the BIG hill & past my favourite cafe yet again! (See my Tram Restaurant blog) I’ve just checked google maps & it was probably Cacao chocolates & patisserie where we stopped, a few years ago. Today it was just a landmark. Do Not Pass Go, no time to stop today. Would you believe the chemist had no idea. I couldn’t really ask at any of the cafe’s now, could I?

Back DOWN the hill to Acland Street & we turned right opposite the park. NO! You cry! My sconometer (I just made that up, I like it.) thought so too but where else to look unless we went down to the clothing district we passed on the tram. That’s miles away, and if we did that we’d miss the penguins!!! Feeling tired & dispirited we ventured a little way but could see no hopeful signs of life, so went back to the pier.

I can hear you screaming at me? Why didn’t you look up google maps then, or foursquare or eatability. I know, I learn the hard way too sometimes. We gave up. Another time, but I bet it’s Monarch cakes that I can now see on the map link above. Exquisite since 1934! it says on their website. Why haven’t I heard of them before! Bah Humbug! Leave me a comment if you like!

After a very quick, restorative cup of T2 tea at the sunset kiosk, near the yacht club, we were shooed away by the owner, who was in a hurry to pack up our chairs. Undaunted, we ventured onto the pier & sat in the shed by the fisherman, a lot of people fish here. We tried to finish our tea & stay out of the wind, just a little.

Penguins come out at dusk. Now, there’s only the brides, the grooms & their guests out. They’re very stoic in the wind & it’s getting colder but not quite dark so there’s still enough light for some more wedding photos. Fortunately, the bride & bridesmaids are not too heavy and the fellows bravely resist dropping them, while the photos are taken. Such strength & endurance, and at least they were having a good time.

Quiet & cool for a while. Nobody much here till after dark, except the wedding in the kiosk & the lone penguin hidden in the rocks nearby. He makes funny little noises every now & then but we leave him be. I wonder what the penguins think (?) of the music from the kiosk on Friday & Saturday nights. Fortunately, some little heads pop up & quickly disappear under the walkway. Before long its like a school of fish coming in but they’re very quick, maybe it’s the music. They’re delightful & worth the wait be it’s unfortunate that so many of the visitors are inconsiderate & insist on taking flash photos.

On Kangaroo Island, SA there are penguin  tours where you pay & go with the park rangers among the rocks with a special torch. It’s enormous fun on a windy night with strong seas & hopefully, does the penguins less harm. They even have burrows in the roundabouts. Penguins rule there!

Tired & footsore we trudged back up to Acland St where we first started. Sorry, but these were garlic prawns at the Chinta Blues Malaysian Restaurant. OOps.

Tomorrow, we must get to the Australasian Quilt Convention at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens or I’ll be in serious trouble! Keep a lookout for Hopetoun Tearooms Revisited- it’s scrumptious & 4 stars!

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