Masterchef Scone Challenge & CWA Scone Shame.

Masterchef Series 3 Episode 2: Bootcamp – Scones.

Curious that buttermilk scones were the penalty round. It certainly showed that it’s not as simple as you might think. I couldn’t find a copy of the recipe & they didn’t give any instructions- Just 6 perfect scones in 25 mins.

In the judging it came down to the texture & feel, the colour- golden not blonde, whether the dough was cooked enough, if the size was consistent & in a good shape & if they tasted good straight from the oven. I like jam & cream too!

Here’s the scone segment, go to 2.20min. Pity about the ads first.

Then here’s the judging. More annoying ads.

Masterchef Scone Shame

I found this article from 2010 with a recipe. No idea if its any good but the CWA ladies give them a run for their money. Give it a try & let me know.

Look out for Men Rule at Scones, especially on Mother’s Day or any other day!

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