Parramatta, NSW. Lachlan’s Cafe. ****4 stars. Great Scones

What: Lachlan’s Cafe               Rating Today: *** 4 stars. Great Scones.
Where: Old Government House, Parramatta Park, Parramatta  Ph: 1300 596 286 
When: From 10am 7 days a week.
Value: Excellent     Cost: $10 for Scones, jam & cream + tea or coffee.
Notes: Excellent Service. Limited seating. Parking limited. Might have to walk a little.

Life’s Ups & Downs.

Elizabeth Farm, Rose Hill.

Thought we’d have afternoon tea at Elizabeth Farm Museum in Rose Hill, near Parramatta. It was not meant to be, even though I’d checked the opening times on the internet, it was closed. A tree went through the roof last October! There’s more pics if your interested.


Old Government House Parramatta

After a quick sconference we decided to try Lachlan’s cafe at Old Government House, in Parramatta Park, Parramatta. We haven’t been here for a very long time. The cafe is on the verandah or in the nearby garrison rooms in winter. It was a lovely sunny day so the verandah was fine. Parking can be a problem, though. You might have to walk a little.

The scones were the best I’ve had in recent times & were excellent value so I’ve decided to use this as a benchmark for the future. $10 for 2 scones with the jam & cream plus tea or coffee. The cream happened to be King Island double too.

Unfortunately, one of the coffees had been made with soy milk that was off but it was soon replaced with a minimum of fuss & no charge.

We had a lovely time, sitting by the vines along the verandah and really enjoyed our scones and the warm weather. Parramatta Park is quite large so you can walk off your afternoon tea & enjoy the sunshine.

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