Katoomba, NSW. Solitary Kiosk. ***3stars.Too crumbly.

What: Solitary Restaurant & Kiosk    Rating Today: ***3 stars for scones.Too crumbly.
Where: 90 Cliff Drive, Leura Falls NSW 2780 Ph: 4782 1164
When: Daily  10.30am- 4.30pm 
Web: http://www.solitary.com.au
Value: Good        Cost: $10 Devonshire Tea.
Notes: Great Views across valley when it’s fine.

How far will you walk for scones?

Would you believe about 10km? Solitary Restaurant & Kiosk is in a great spot on the bend of the Cliff Drive between Katoomba & Leura. From here you can walk in any direction for as long as you like & then return for scones & tea or coffee. Today I’ve decided to do part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk from Solitary Kiosk at Kiah Lookout to Katoomba Cascades & the Skyway AND BACK AGAIN! Here’s a map. It’s a good work out &  it’s across the top of the cliffs not down to the valley floor so a little easier (?) but still plenty of steps and not flat but undulating. There’s heaps of information about it at wild walks.

Its about 45 mins From Solitary Kiosk to Echo Point & the Three Sisters, then about half an hour further to the Park at Katoomba Cascades, & then the same back again. So, it’s about 2 1/2 hrs depending on how many lookouts you stop at or photos you take or you might just take your time & enjoy the sunshine instead. There’s also the luxury of toilets at Echo Point too. It’s wetter than usual at the moment especially on the Skyway side so boots would have been better than my joggers, but it’s still do-able, just. Once you get to the path for the 3 sisters it’s all paved up to Echo Point & for a little way beyond.

Sometimes, all you can see is fog & tourists at Echo Point  but today there’s a beautiful blue sky. From this section from Echo point to the Scenic Railway you can see Mt Solitary. Now it gets harder too, as  you come to the ladder & the 90 or so steps past it at Lady Darley Lookout. It does help burn off the calories though!

Continuing on there’s a great view (if it’s fine) across the valley & once you get to Cliff  View Lookout it’s paved again so that Wheelchairs can have access to it from the road near the skyway.There’s even signs in Braille too.

Finally, it’s good to get to the tables under the trees for a brief rest or take a few more steps down to the Katoomba Cascades. Then it’s all the way back again!

It’s a challenge to see how quickly you can get back to Solitary & quite often there’s the time imperative because they close at 4.30pm. It’s good motivation too as you look forward to a cosy seat, rest your bones, enjoy your scones & admire the view.

At last! Made it in good time as it was getting much colder. The scones are ‘man sized’ & the jam is excellent- chunky apricot & I think they make it themselves. The only problem is they’re a bit crumbly & fall apart when you cut it or eat it. Oops, they still taste good though. Someone suggested eating them with a spoon! The Quince pudding with pear liqueur & ice cream looked interesting too!

Once again, there was talk of scones amongst the customers & they recommended the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms for great scones, pies, & apple pies with locally grown apples. Perhaps, it’s time I went back there.

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  1. Bert says:

    Mmmmm. Makes me hungry for a walk and a good afternoon tea!

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