A Popular Food Processor Scone Recipe.

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‘A Wizz in the Kitchen’ which came with the Breville Wizz a long time ago, 1980’s? You can even buy it on e-bay now for under $10. This was a popular recipe,  it was quick & simple & made less mess as we “dolloped’ it straight out onto a greased & floured scone tray for ‘rustic’ scones with a minimum of fuss.

There’s also a recipe for wholemeal scones & orange scones. I think we often used wholemeal flour for the basic scone recipe. The Carrot Cake & Cornflake Cookies out of this book were quite popular too!

NB. Sorry but I haven’t been able to get permission for this recipe but there is one on my post River Cottage, UK. A Yummy Scone Recipe.

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2 Responses to A Popular Food Processor Scone Recipe.

  1. Dear Scone Queen,

    I made scones at home last weekend, and I’ve just put another batch in the oven. There’s a question that’s bugging me though – is a square or irregular scone legitimately a scone? My recipe for wholemeal date scones says something to the effect of knead the whole mass of dough lightly then shape it into a square about 3/4″ thick and then cut into about 12 pieces. The scones were great, but I have to say that it took me some time to get over the fact that they weren’t round. Is this the new, sleek, modern/urban scone perhaps (especially for those who want most scone for minimal time input)?

    Scone Queen, please advise.


    • Sconquest. says:

      What does it matter if they taste good! Homemade scones are best & it’s wonderful to have special people to make them for or to share them with. I visited a friend today who simply dolloped them out of the bowl with a spoon as she didn’t mind a rough, rustic texture on the outside. It’s people that matter most, isn’t it? You might also like to check out my new post on road-kill scones.

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