World’s Simplest Scone Recipe…

The time has come to sort out the cookbook shelf. Ah!!! What to keep & what not. I kept an eye out for scone recipes & in the Willow Cookery Book 11th Edition from 1969 found a very simple recipe using just

Self raising flour. Butter. Milk. Salt.

I can’t find the book online anywhere. I also have a well used Schauer Improved Cookery Book from 1931 which has buttermilk scones, I wonder if it’s like the mysterious Masterchef recipe. There’s also an equally well used CWA Coronation Cookbook 5th Edition from 1947 & this also has icing sugar in their scones like the current CWA cookbook.  I’ve found an amazing variety of recipes but can you guess what’s a gundowinga scone! To be continued…..

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