Jervis Bay. NSW. Back to Nature, Part 1.

What Australian Plant or Bird Is That?  

Such a beautiful day at Booderee National Park.  Still here after my last post, but now it’s back to nature and an attempt to revive some dormant brain cells. Fortunately, I’m not alone. A sconquest eco-friend is also enjoying the sunshine and helping to jog my memory about Australian plants and birds. See how you fare identifying the plants with the numbers. I’ll put the answers at the end. Bet there’s an iphone app that does it in a split second or maybe google goggles would help. But that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? Here’s the Booderee  podcasts which look helpful, info on the walks and a map.

Telegraph Creek Nature Trail. 2.4km/ 1hr

     Love those signs. Look how they stay still and don’t move around or fly away from you. Signs are so patient, they never complain. It’s always great fun finding signs and other places where you can balance the camera and get a ‘hit & run’ shot with the self timer button. Now where’s that macro button gone? Thank goodness, I forgot the SLR or we’d be here all day!

1.  2.

3.  4. 

5.  6. 

7.  8. 

9.  10.  11. 

If you looked for an iphone or ipod app for the plants, there really isn’t one that’s recommended. On the other hand, although I didn’t have bird photos, there was a popular but pricey app, a Field Guide for Identifying Australian Birds by Michael Morcombe, which even had bird calls. There’s plenty more pictures at the ANPSA Photo Gallery and a plant index. Well done if you noticed the signs with the different distances, the longer kms takes you to Green Patch, my next post!

1. Boronia                                               2. Boronia
3. Mountain Devil  or Lambertia      4. Patersonia
5. Glory Peas or  Gompholobium       6. Wedding bush or Ricinocarpos
7. Fan Flower or Scaevola                    8. Bossiaea
9. 10 & 11. Grass Tree or Xanthorrhoea  10. & 11. Rice Flower or Pimelea
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  1. Lynnie says:

    Great quiz for keeping dementia at bay

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