Jervis Bay, NSW. Back to Nature. Part 2.

What Australian Plant or Bird Is That?

Still a beautiful day at Booderee National Park.


Still love those signs. Just when you thought it was safe, I still had plenty of ‘room for improvement’ and lots more plants to see. Have another go at the plant quiz and see if your improving too, answers are at the end of the blog.  Still didn’t manage to get any bird photos but there were plenty around and a couple of the plants are a little challenging, image wise. From Telegraph Creek we walked down towards the splendour of Green Patch and just sat awhile and enjoyed the peace and tranquility.



Drove down to Murrays Beach Carpark where we nearly had the beach to ourselves. I was really looking forward to those lavender and lemon scones! Absolutely, no sense of time by now but there was still plenty of daylight left so we were able to have our scones on Governors Head and simply enjoy the view across to Bowen Island, the powerful waves crashing into the cliff and the birds that I didn’t get a photo of !


2.  3. 

4!   5!

6.  7. 

and just a few more for good luck.

8.  9. 


Still plenty of  room for improvement so check your answers and mine at the ANPSA Photo Gallery and plant index, if you like. Here’s Booderee Walks and a map.


1. Banksia                                                2. Rice Flower or Pimelea
3. Tea Tree or  Leptospermum           4! Dog Rose or Bauera
5! Pink Wax Flower or Eriostemon    6. Daisy Bush or Olearia
7. Native Rosemary or Westringia    8. Flannel flower or Actinotus
9. Eriostemon again!                          10. Bottlebrush or Callistemon
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