Medlow Bath, NSW. The Hydro Majestic Waits Patiently……..

The Iconic Vision Continues????

The Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath was once the crowning glory of the Blue Mountains but now it lies patiently waiting for a new lease of life. Perched on the top of the escarpment with wonderful views of the Megalong Valley there is little obvious activity.Let’s consider. Perhaps the Hydro could become Scone Heaven, the Devonshire Tea & High Tea capital of the Southern Hemisphere, though obviously not yet.


Somewhere in the dark ages before digital photos I must have a picture of the tea room & Megalong Valley taken from inside the Hydro. This was the first place I ever saw High Teas but it was rather dark & dingy, as I recall. Feel free to send me any old Hydro pictures you may have so we can continue the saga. The Blue Mountains City Library has a wonderful collection of old postcards, which includes the Hydro Majestic, in their image library. The dining room incorporates the gold digger, Edward Hargraves original house. From the photos below, it only looks like the hedge has received some Tender Loving Care while the buildings appear, from the gate, to be untouched. What a massive undertaking to restore such a building but let’s hope this old character survives.


Best of Luck to All involved with this project! It’s owned by Lilianfels in Katoomba so perhaps I should empty my piggy bank ($55) & try the daily High Tea at Lilianfels Lounge first!

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