Bondi, NSW. Missed Sculpture By the Sea, Again!


Can’t believe I’ve missed Sculpture by the Sea again! Even getting up before sunrise didn’t help yesterday. An early start would mean beating all the traffic and the heat. Not a problem today though as I was waylaid only to be told that it finished last weekend. In fact, it was dismantled on Tuesday 22nd! Bother!

Fortunately, the Sculpture by the Sea website has an extensive picture gallery. The mistake I seem to always make is in supposing it goes for the whole of November. Obviously, it doesn’t. Discovered there was a Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, Denmark fron June 2 – July 3 2011 and the next is in 2013. The next Cottlesloe Sculpture by the Sea in Western Australia is from March 1-19, 2012.

At least the Picasso Masterpieces Exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales continues until March 25, 2012 so there’s no excuse for missing it. Tickets are through Ticketek but here’s the good news.  High teas are available at 2.30, 3.00 or 3.30 pm with the option of visiting the exhibition before or afterwards but it looks like you might have to phone 1300 645 229 to book. Wish me luck!

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