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What to do on a Rainy Day?


It’s been pouring with rain this week and a wonderful opportunity to listen to Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Wood an unabridged audiobook from audible.com. Having tramped some of  New Zealand tracks it’s great to hear his adventures and be able to sympathize with the pleasures and pains of hiking from a warm, dry haven with everything close at hand, while it still pours outside. Bill walked an amazing 870 miles (1400km!) which makes the 33.5 mile Milford Track (54km) a stroll in the park but wet is wet, rocky is rocky, tired and sore is tired and sore, regardless. I would highly recommend this book to any walkers wherever they trek. Although, Bill somehow manages to hike 40% of the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail, the reality is that there’s always one more mountain to climb and after hiking you will see yourself and our busy world very differently. This is my first Bryson book and I really enjoyed his personable style so perhaps I’ll try some other titles about Australia like Down Under or a Sunburned Country.


Still pouring and I could go walking in the rain but I have the luxury of choice from my cosy haven. If you’ve ever wondered about American food and Reuben sandwiches then  check out bother to hover. Morning tea anyone? No rock cakes, please!!!

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