Nowhere, AUS. Where to now?

Exploring the Unknown

Quite a scone drought the last few months so we are heading into the great unknown with next to no idea of what we’ll find or where we’re going. Looking forward to such an adventure, just me and my sconquest friend. Took a Qantas flight from Sydney Airport (Hint: it took 3 hours to get there). Fantasatic day for flying but unfortunately, there was no inflight map for me to keep track of where we were heading so I had to play Tetris on my new ipad instead. The chicken & leek pastry was quite inedible but would have done a good job of keeping everything down if we’d struck turbulence.

Now, how many places are a 3 hr flight from Sydney? Even though we have been experiencing kiwi withdrawal symptons it’s not Christchurch or Queenstown. Fiji is too far at 4hrs and although Noumea is closer at nearly 3 hrs we’re not flying over water. Cairns is around 3 hours but Adelaide is surprisingly only about 2 hrs so have a look at the pictures taken from the plane and see if you can guess. If you have any idea where the pictures are let me know, especially if one is Lake Eyre.


The skies were beautifully clear and the patterns on the landscape were amazing. For us coastal dwellers it’s strange to be away from the ocean’s lure and somewhere so dry and supposedly barren. Yes, it’s the desert, we had arrived in Alice Springs in Central Australia. By road that’s 2770 km from Sydney via Mildura and Port Augusta and by plane it’s 2020 km. Whichever way you go, its a very long way from home.

…………………………………………Where to now?………………………………………..

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