Katoomba, NSW. Lacklustre Lilianfels **2stars

Great Expectations.

Sadly Disappointed.

Finally went horse riding for the first time ever. Didn’t fall off & enjoyed the trail ride in the Blue Mountains. It was only an hour but it still left you rather sore and tender. To reward ourselves, we headed off to Lilianfels and a long awaited High Tea.

Unfortunately, we were sadly disappointed. It’s quite pricey so expectations are high. The sandwiches were not freshly made and had dried out. If you look at the photo you can see the bread curling up. The scones were too dry and even though I made a valiant effort I was unable to finish them. At least, the tea was fine.


Looks like I need to investigate High Tea at the Carrington or just give up and go to the Solitary Kiosk. Katoomba is a lovely place but it’s overpriced and doesn’t deliver for the price. Perhaps you know somewhere I should try, if so let me know.

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