Ayers Rock, NT. Totally Tantalizing Uluru. *****5 stars

A Kaleidoscope of Changing Shapes & Colours

Where else do you find a rock with it’s own airport? Is that truly Rock star status?  So exciting to be here at last. The cost is rather off putting but we’re coming before the high season to alleviate a little of the pain on the hip pocket. From Kings Canyon we head back down to Lasseters Highway and after an hour an a half we’re back on the road to Ayers Rock. Imagine my delight as a huge lump of rock looms on the horizon, camera on the ready as always. Bah! It’s just nature playing tricks, it’s Mt Connor not Ayers Rock, and it’s not a monolith. Of course! Strange to say it looked rather like a cruise ship docked and ready to sail away. Curtin Springs Cattle Station and Roadhouse Camping Area came and went but if you like golf there’s at least one nice green hole for practice.


Making good time as we arrive at Ayers Rock after 3 hours and 300 or so kilometres. We drive straight into Yulara Resort because there’s no town or main street. Wrongly, I’d assumed it’d be like Alice Springs but it’s not. It’s all Voyages Ayers Rock Resort so there’s all levels of accommodation which gets dearer as you walk up >>> the street. Checked in and went looking for a cup of coffee and a bit of shade. Try the Town Centre I was told, along there >>>>. It’s a large courtyard not a town. 2.30pm and the coffee shop is just closing. Try the pool bar at Sails, along there>>>>>. Nice coffee but no cake or scones, only meals. Beggars can’t be choosers so we suffer the 5 star pool, the shade and rejoice. <<<<<<<We’ve made it!>>>>>>>


After a well deserved rest we’re off with the swelling crowds as the sun sets on Uluru. Beforehand, there’s the $25 fee per person for the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park but at least it lasts three days. Coaches and cars have separate viewing platforms for both sunrise and sunset so the views are slightly different and there’s no table for champagne breakfasts for cars but we’ll cope or bring our own. Such a beautiful clear sky but even this late the sun is blinding as it sets. Now, let’s watch the colours change together.


So many different shapes and contours that your oblivious to in the thousands of pictures you’ve seen before. Desert Magic.

Best of all, everyone is having a good time, snapping away whilst watching the colours of the rock and sky change, and very happy to share this memorable day with you, and you, and you……

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  1. John Revai says:

    I like the boy on the car roof

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