Kings Canyon Creek Walk, NT. A Different Perspective. ****4 stars

Just love those Rocks!

What do you know? We only have to drive 300 or so kilometres today so there’s plenty of time for another early morning walk. Instead of climbing canyons today we’re taking a leisurely stroll along the creek and look up at the canyon from within instead of down from without. Here’s the map again for Kings Canyon showing the Creek Walk and Kathleen Springs Walk too, just in case you have some spare time. At least they’re both easy but in the heat what really is, so we’re up well before dawn once again.


Looks like a lizard welcoming committee, and sturt desert peas.


Only 2.6km today and temperatures between 20 and 35 degrees. Don’t you love the  hat on the sign! Now that’s a big hint! So we meander along the path by the rocky river bed. No water here, of course but rock hopping is very good exercise.


The track leads to a viewing area where you can rest a while, enjoy the shade and the spectacular rocks above you, or perhaps lie back on the bench and watch the clouds as they pass by or chat to someone from somewhere else on the planet, who may be an extremely long way from home.


Somewhere off the track is a special waterhole,

which has obviously been popular with both tourists, explorers and inhabitants for a very long time and every other living creature round about.


Boulders, rocks and rubble in all shaped and sizes along the riverbed. Adieu!

It’s only 10.30am and unbelievably there’s people just starting the rim walk now. Let’s hope they are fit and have plenty of water as they’ll be only half way at mid-day. After a brief rest at the information sheds and no further dilly-dallying its time to head off to Ayers Rock, a gigantic lump of rock in the middle of nowhere…

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