The Olgas-Kata Tjuta, NT. Exploring the Red Centre.

Taking Time to Pause a While

 Still time before it’s too hot to visit Walpa Gorge where fortunately there’s plenty of welcome shade and only a short walk to the viewing platform at the end. My trusty compass is rather unnecessary here as there’s only one path in and out but it’s a special gift from family together with some trusty binoculars, so we’re well prepared. The walk takes about an hour return depending on how long you spend resting your bones on the benches and chatting to your fellow travellers who are from all over Australia today.


When it’s quiet, there’s a certain magic in just lying there and watching the clouds drift past and soaking up the space. It’s big, well huge actually, and impressive. Bits of conglomerate rock are laying about where they have broken off the gorge walls, like mini muffins or cake crumbs.

     Such a glorious sky!


Spot the people in the pictures and you’ll get an idea of the size of the gorge.


Reluctantly, we gather our thoughts and head back for a refreshing swim, siesta and a little contemplation over a coffee and cake at Yulara Resort. Still no scones anywhere about but it’s CAVOK so guess what we’re up to next. Can’t wait, it’s a helicopter ride at sunset over the Olgas and Ayers Rock!!!!

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