Kata Tjuta and Uluru, NT. CAVOK and a Bird’s Eye View.

A Magnificent Sunset

CAVOK, That’s helicopter talk for good visibility and means a stunning view of Kata Tjuta-The Olgas and Uluru-Ayers Rock. Today, the ride with Ayers Rock Helicopters was smooth and gave fantastic views of the sunset from our Robinson Raven R44. In the morning, the sun would be right in your face so we were pleased to have such a great view and less issues with contrast. One passenger had a curious GoPro camera on a stick that could be mounted on helicopters, cars, boats or whatever to catch the action.

After walking through Kata Tjuta this morning it was wonderful to be able to see where we had just been from the air. See how they look and feel so very different as  you get right inside all the lumps and bumps of Kata Tjuta or all the way round the many faces of Uluru. Take the time, if you come this far and visit both. Often harder to get decent photos from a helicopter unless your sitting in the front, so just enjoy the ride and that glorious sunset as you hover in to land. Here’s how I went anyway.

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