Fitzroy Falls, NSW. The Waterfall Waltz ****4stars

Waltzing with the Wind 

Wandered down to Fitzroy Falls on a beautifully, crisp and clear, but freezing morning. The main lookout is quite close to the falls and today the up draught chilled any intrepid visitors to the bone. After thawing the ice off the windscreen at Moss Vale, it was only about 20km to Fitzroy Falls Visitors Centre in the Morton National Park. Here’s a map and details. The West Rim Track is 1.8 km and takes about 45 minutes each way while the East Rim Track is 2km and takes about 2 hrs each way. Both are graded as easy walks. When it’s this cold (0.3 degrees this morning!) you tend to make excellent time. There’s also a cafe for a welcome hot drink or food.


The Falls are quite close to the visitor’s centre and accessible by wheelchair. The lookout even has a grid floor so you can see through to the falls below.  If your lucky you might even get covered with a fine mist from the waterfall to further inspire you to quicken your pace. According to World of Waterfalls it plunges 81 metres to the bottom. The wind was blowing every which way making the falls dance, as you can see.

Now it’s time to head to Robertson for a hot lunch and the enchanting Carrington Falls. 

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