Sea Cliff Bridge, NSW. The Undulating Grand Pacific Drive ****4stars

 Stupendously Stunning Seascapes

High tide again at Kiama Blowhole and still trying to catch the wave as it surges in the strong swell. Luckily, my patience and perseverance is duly rewarded. Time to follow the Grand Pacific Drive north to the magnificent Sea Cliff Bridge. Grand Pacific Drive is a 142 km tourist route from Nowra to Sydney passing through Kiama, Wollongong, the Sea Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Tops and onto the outskirts of Sydney. Here’s a map.

With such glorious weather, there’s a definite sense of exhilaration driving along the coast between the ocean and  railway line, then emerging onto the Sea Cliff Bridge between Clifton and Coalcliff. Parking can be difficult but it’s worth the effort to walk or cycle the 665m length of the bridge and then return the same way.


Frequent rockfalls necessitated building a road and bridge away from the cliff edges and into the Pacific Ocean so there’s splendid views of the waves rolling in and crashing against the rocks beneath, infront and behind you. Marvellous!


To truly appreciate the magnificence of the Sea Cliff Bridge you must drive the short distance to Stanwell Tops where the curves and contours of the cliffs and roadway can be seen snaking around the cliffs.

Today, the views are stunning. Perhaps you might like to try hang gliding, or simply sit in the park and watch the passing parade, treasure the view and take just a few more photos, while enjoying a cuppa.


Reluctantly, it’s time to drag ourselves away from these wonderfully captivating vistas and head back to Sydney. Hopefully, that sense of awe and wonder we find here, perched on the clifftops, will stay with us until we venture this way again.

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