Masterchef Follow up & Scone Flurry

Such a flurry of scone activity this week since the Masterchef Scone Challenge Episode in Series 3 Episode 2. There’s still no sign of a recipe for the buttermilk scones although a recipe for date & lemon scones from 2009 is available. If you missed it, here’s the CWA Challenge from Series 2 that lead to the article about CWA Scone Shame. A few days ago, in the Daily Telegraph Matt Moran talked about his grandmother & making scones, here’s the recipe. Matt Preston talks about perfect scones & includes a recipe for sue’s scones & in the Daily Telegraph, there’s also another recipe of his for date scones. A Mother’s Day article even has a recipe for white chocolate scones.There’s plenty of online discussion & advise about.

In our previous follow up I wrote about an article in the Sydney Morning Herald last week on How to bake the perfect Scone. Among the comments were a few interesting leads. One was to the ABC’s   Enough Rope with Norma Allen from 3 December, 2007 where she tries to teach Andrew Denton how to make scones. It’s segment three & has a transcript with lots of tips & clues. Here’s the video link (it’s the first 2 mins) with the recipe & instructions. Perhaps we need to be light hearted & enjoy making scones most of all. Keep it Simple.

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