Commonsense Cookery Scones

The Commonsense Cookery Book By Home Econ Institute of Aust (NSW Div)The Commonsense Cookery Book has to have one of the all time, tried & true scone recipes. It was first published in 1914 & compiled by the NSW Public School Cookery Teacher’s Association and used for many years in High Schools. Unbelievably, or maybe not, it’s still available at Angus & Robertson online for $29.95  or the abc shop or Dymocks etc. I notice there’s also a Country Womens Association Cookbook at the abc shop for $32.99. It’s the 17th Edition so it could well have a scone recipe too.

Commonsense Cookery– There’s a chapter on Scone & Loaf Mixtures that includes scones, cheese loaf or scones, puftaloons, date or sultana scones, gem scones, pumpkin scones, cherry & nut ring, date loaf, nut loaf & coffee rolls. Maybe, I’d better buy a new version with metric measures! The latest edition is much the same but has damper instead of puftaloons (fried scones) & no nut loaf.

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