Cairns-Brisbane with Queensland Rail. 1691km in 24-31 hours?

Now where’s a map & my Tevas?

Off to Northern Queensland so I need a map & my favourite Teva sandals. No idea where or whether I will find scones here, but it’s all part of the adventure and there is a special waterfall to visit. Flew up to Cairns with Virgin and was very surprised to find they use Madame Flavour teabags. Well done, the Black Tea goes well with Mainland Cheese and crackers or there’s also Green Tea with Pear and Jasmine. Never been to the Barrier Reef before, so it’s all new. Even though it was a bit painful, I managed to get all the Rail stopovers organised & booked with stops at Cairns, Townsville, Airlie Beach, Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast, but a stop in Brisbane or around Noosa, would have been nice too.

On the Queensland Rail website there is a map and a page with their Tropics & Great Barrier Reef Holidays which was used as a guide, although  the order was reversed and we flew into Cairns first and then worked our way down the coast, which saved a lot of time and money.  Here’s a simple rail map below, and another link for a more detailed map, which I eventually found and bought on Rail Journeys of Australia.

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