Port Douglas, Qld. Snorkelling with Wavelength on the Great Barrier Reef. A Must! ****4 stars.


7am. Hardly had time to catch my breath before it was time to get the bus from Cairns to Port Douglas for my snorkelling adventure with Wavelength. A little anxious about being out of my depth and how I’d fare on the boat. I’ve learnt to take travel sickness tablets and they helped alot. The sea was quite calm with only a slight breeze so that suited me fine, even if it was overcast & threatening to storm later.

Wavelength is a small family company who specialise in snorkelling and take a maximum of 30 people. I was relieved it was a decent sized boat, not too small or too large and quite spacious. The crew were exceptionally friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. First thing was sea sickness tablets for anyone who wanted them. Two of the crew were marine bioligists who helped us with our equipment, gave an informative talk and guided us around the reef. Very reassuring for us Nervous Nellies.

The Great Barrier Reef is 90 minutes off the coast by boat. The Mountains behind Port Douglas slowly got smaller and smaller as we got further out and past the Low Isles. See map below.We visited three different snorkel sites, including Turtle Bay off the Tongue Reef, and had plenty of time to get our (webbed) feet. The crew shared their expertise with us while taking great care not to damage the reef. They allowed for whatever skill level you were (or weren’t), but having a pool noodle was great for confidence or just resting on while you looked at the fish, coral, turtle, reef shark or clams.

Cupcakes for morning tea and lunch was a simple salad, fruit, meat and bread which were much appreciated. After afternoon tea, everyone was a bit tired, and happy to take it easy as we headed back to Port Douglas. One of the Marine Biologists took photos of us on the boat, kitted up and in the water, as well as the fish and coral. It cost extra but meant not having to bother taking underwater shots.  The images were fine and memorable and also included some of their favourite shots as an extra.

Although the cost was a bit of a shock to the pocket, I still highly recommend it. I snorkelled at Airlie Beach and it was much cheaper but rather disappointing and just no comparison. Better to pay more, do it right and have a good, fun and safe time that you’ll remember forever and with very nice, thoughtful people. I’d go again, even soon……

As one of the original Reef operators in Port Douglas it is WAVELENGTH's privilege to be able to choose from over 20 sites at the Northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Each day WAVELENGTH chooses three of these sites to share with you. It is WAVELENGTH’s aim to vary the sites so as to showcase the amazing diversity of life and formation that is found at the Wonder of the Natural World.

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