taste.com.au A veritable smorgasboard of scone recipes!!

From the taste.com.au web site making perfect scones and a smorgasbord of scone recipes below that you can try. No pumpkin scones here but I wouldn’t mind the vanilla bean scones with mixed berry jam!

Make perfect scones

Make perfect scones

Learn the secret to light and fluffy scones so that your next afternoon tea will be perfect!

Step 1: Mix the dough until just combined (do not over mix). Don’t knead or it will become tough and heavy.

Step 2: Use a pastry cutter dipped in flour to cut scones from the dough. Don’t twist the cutter, or the scones may not rise evenly.

Step 3: Arrange scones, side by side and just touching, on a lined baking tray. This will keep the sides straight and even as the scones cook.

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