Ready, Set, Go! A CWA Scone Mix!

A Supermarket Surprise!

Laucke Country Womens Association Scone Mix 1.2kgLook what I found in the local supermarket flour aisle! It’s made by Laucke Flour mills  in Strathalbyn, South Australia and costs about $A 5.50 and has two 600g packets. On Laucke’s website they have a whole lot of recipes using the scone mix. To a 600g packet you just add 280 ml water. Here’s the instructions.

Plain Scone Recipe
600 g Scone Mix (1 packet), 280 ml water. Use these
amounts for all recipes unless otherwise specified.
Plain Scone Method
Combine Scone Mix and water. Country Women
know that excellent scones require more moisture
and kneading than is common practice. Knead the
dough until soft, smooth and sticky, and you will be
rewarded with softer, moister scones that stay fresher,
longer. This is more easily achieved in a Mixer with a
dough hook. Scrape on to a floured board to rest for
5 minutes, where the dough will lose any stickiness.
Dust and roll out to about 3 cm thickness. Cut the
scones, and place on to a lined baking tray so that,
when baked, the scones will support one another as
they rise. Gather and combine the dough trimmings by
hand, mould, and let rest again for 5 minutes. Repeat
rolling, cutting. Bake in an oven preheated to 210°C for
approximately 15-18 minutes, or until scones are
golden brown on top. Cool on a wire rack

Check out the variations. There are apple & apricot, french scones, Olive & Fetta, Rich Damper, apple & macadamia, chelsea, pumpkin, cheese& bacon, pancakes, honey & macadamia, spinach & fetta, sun dried tomato & anchovies, pikelets and lastly, sweet crust pastry.

Is there any excuse not to give it a go? Enjoy!

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1 Response to Ready, Set, Go! A CWA Scone Mix!

  1. Vivien Wade says:

    The Laucke scone recipe does require the extra kneading, otherwise it is not light. CWA does not use a lot of kneading in their own scone recipes. Scones always need a very light touch. I don’t know why Laucke’s say that CWA knows that scones need a lot of kneading, because normal scone recipes do not.

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