Townsville-Airlie Beach Tilt Train. A 275 km Scone Free Zone.

Quiet, comfortable and enjoyable travelling on the Tilt Train and much faster than the Sunlander. The omnipresent sugar cane is never far away and  the mountains follow our journey south.  Somehow, I managed to travel in between meal times. Dining was by a Galley car which didn’t open or a trolley service that didn’t come. Worst of all I had to stay in my seat and couldn’t venture to the dining car for an occasional cuppa, snack or chat. Fortunately, there’s still the ipod and my audiobook and a few leftovers to tide me over. The great picture above is from Quensland Rail Media Images, here’s some more.


My Tilt Train left Townsville at 3.30 pm and arrived at Proserpine at 6.50 pm where the waiting bus connection travelled to Airlie Beach, half an hour away. Dinner time, Hooray!

>>>>>If your quick and book by July 24, Queensland Rail have 40% off trips taken between 1st Aug and 15 Sept 2011.  Look what else I found>>>>> High Tea on the Sunlander! as well as a 5 course dinner with chef Andrew Mirosch then 2 nights on Hamilton Island and a master class with Andrew before flying back to Brisbane. The Queenslander Master Class departs Brisbane Oct 13. Wonder if they’ve considered having just the High Tea ?

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