Wallaman Falls, Qld. Chasing Butterflies, Rainbows & Scones!

Rainbows among the Sunshine

After yesterday’s sconelessness we were hopeful for better luck today. Sadly, the Rainforest Inn was closed after their hectic day yesterday and the Heritage Tea Rooms at Herveys Range looked fantastic but were in the wrong direction. Built in 1865 as an Inn, it’s North Queensland’s oldest heritage listed building and they have Prize Winning Scones. Here’s the menu.


Never mind, it’s a beautiful day for a picnic at Wallaman Falls, in the Girringun National Park west of Ingham. The Falls were magnificent with rainbows arcing off the spray. We were so lucky to be there just at the right time. See for yourself!


By the falls was a picnic area and shelter where we had a splendid picnic in the sun, provided by Hidden Valley Cabins who had even made us some cookies. Unfortunately, we were unable to descend the gorge via the Jinda Walk. Now that would be exercise! Instead we did the first part of the steep walk and found ulysses butterflies which was absolutely wonderful. Amazing how there’s new growth on what’s left of the trees after the cyclone. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and concerned about the area, the flora and Fauna. At times we drove slowly to be careful of cassowarys crossing by. He’d also been our platypus guide and his friendly, thoughtful manner made our trip most enjoyable. We were fortunate to have a happy, friendly group to share the day with.


Now it was crocodile time. Back down the mountain to Ingham and onto the highway with the mountain vista ahead and behind us. Time Time still for a detour through the cane fields to an embankment by the river opposite a sandy bank where the crocodiles like to sunbake. Patience, then slowly and surely one mounts the bank. Now, don’t slip off that bank. Scary stuff.


After the long drive back up the mountain we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. The magic of the rainbows on the waterfall will stay with me forever.

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