Fraser Island, Qld. Fantastic Flying and Enormous Fun.****4stars

Heaven knows what’s next!


Opportunity knocks!!! Little did I know that today’s agenda would include a marvellous scenic flight by Air Fraser Island. While savouring the sights of the magnificent beach/highway our Kingfisher Bay eco-tour stopped briefly while the pilot hopped on to see if anyone was interested. A very brief pause while I considered finances, but such a glorious, sunny day that was just perfect for flying was not to be wasted. Into the nearby plane and we were soon off, right there and then from the beach, over the bus, the ocean, the sand dunes and into the heart of the island where the sand gradually swallows the forest. Circling back past the Maheno shipwreck, we even saw a hump back whale coming up the coast to where they shelter on the Hervey Bay side of Fraser island. All too soon, the skilful touch down on sand was so soft and smooth, how lucky were we?


Just Spectacular !


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