QVB Sydney, NSW. Old Vienna doorstop scones. **2stars

Savouring the August Sunshine

Beautiful day in Sydney so I caught a train to Town Hall and visited the Queen Victoria Building to investigate the Old Vienna Coffee House on Level 1. Ordered a Devonshire tea but extra hot water for black tea was too hard. The scones aren’t a good look are they? Didn’t taste too good either as they were rather hard, dry and chewy to the point that they weren’t worth finishing or complaining about. Make a good doorstop.


A few errands & a brisk walk down to the Rocks. Brilliant sunshine sitting by the harbour at Circular Quay at the end of the passenger terminal. As I arrived a large ferry went by and it looked like the Opera House sat on top of it. Too slow! Waited patiently to get another photo but it was too far away. Oh well, plenty of smaller boats!


Consoled myself by visiting City Extra by the Circular Quay Ferry Wharves and having pancakes, which are always fine. Just watching the world go by.                                              Could pancakes be ironed scones?


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1 Response to QVB Sydney, NSW. Old Vienna doorstop scones. **2stars

  1. “Doorstop scones!” setting a new low in hospitality standards 😦
    Better than roadkill scones I suppose:-D

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