Fraser Island, Qld. A Spectacular Day Trip.****4stars

A Magical, Whale of a Time!

After a hearty breakfast at Kingfisher Bay Resort we joined the Beauty Spots 4WD Eco tour to explore Fraser Island. Glad we weren’t driving, it was hard work at times, even for our most excellent guide. Fraser Island is World Heritage Listed and the world’s largest sand island, here’s the map link. Bit early (late June) in the whale season so we only saw one whale today, August to September is supposed to be the best time. Need an ipad to keep up to date while travelling! Some more great images here. Australian Geographic is having a week of photography workshops at Fraser Island from Sept 11-16, 2011. Here’s a list of the walking tracks but dingos can be a problem too.


Stonetool Sandblow Lookout was our first stop. It’s hard to believe the sand blows across the island and buries the forest. If you look closely you can see the top branches still sticking out of the sand.


Seventy Five Mile Beach is the Main Highway so it’s great splashing through the waves, bumping over the rocks and cruising along the sand.


Brief but wonderful scenic flight then morning tea at Eli Creek with all the 4WDers. From here there’s a boardwalk along the creek and you can wade back to the beach if you like. Fantastically clear water and best of all -No crocodiles here on Fraser Island just a lot of sharks!


A short way up  the beach is the Maheno Shipwreck and the multi- coloured sand Pinnacles, the Maheno was wrecked in 1935 and is slowly disintegrating into the sand. Plenty more Maheno photos on my next blog.


After a tasty lunch at Eurong we’re off to the old logging village of Central Station and a walk in the rainforest at Wanggoolba Creek. Funny, it’s so quiet!  Its all sand here so there’s no rocks to make babbling noises and such crystal clear water too. Bit eerie!


Why come all this way and not go for a swim in the magnificent heaven sent waters of Lake Mackenzie? Must be crazy! Note: it was freezing cold but great for your skin. Brrrrrrrrrr…. But it was the end of a wonderful day and there was somewhere to do a quick change and a nice warm bus ride back to the resort.


No luck with scones today but rather looking forward to another tasty dinner at the Sandbar Bistro and catching up on writing a few postcards. I still love getting postcards, don’t you?

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