Kings Canyon Rim Walk, NT. Simply Breathtaking! ****4 stars

‘Strewth’, it’s dark outside, as Grandad used to say. He had such a wealth of colourful phrases like ‘stone the crows’ and ‘starve the lizards’ which you don’t hear much anymore. After dinner, we had recovered sufficiently to venture along the boardwalk to watch the stars. Normally the Southern Cross, is easily spotted but here there was so many stars to choose from and a magnificent milky way.  Before dawn I watched the stars through the window from the cosy, comfort of my bed at Kings Canyon Resort and simply enjoyed the tranquility (and warmth).


6am. Rise and Shine! even though it’s still pitch dark and cold. Fortunately, the path to the restaurant was lit so we  followed it mindlessly, determined to fortify ourselves with a man sized breakfast before tackling the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. Never one to be bustled, we watched the light grow and enjoyed the space but knew we had to beat the heat. Even though it was a 10km drive to the Canyon we arrived in plenty of time to see the sun break through and bathe us in all it’s brilliance, but first we had to climb up the 500 or so steps. It’s steep and clears the lungs brilliantly and it’s a great equalizer. Here’s the fact sheet and map for the Watarrka National Park which includes Kings Canyon. The Rim walk is 6km and takes about 3.5 hours. It is strenuous and has plenty of steps and bridges but it’s well worth the effort. There is no actual track but a series of arrows to follow from one point to another. With all the other hikers around, they are not too hard to find but start off as early as you can and check the day’s temperature range. The scenery is spectacular and rather enticing as you explore the cliffs, rock formations, nooks, crannies and possibly spy some fossils. The waterhole is an especially welcome haven before the climb back out to the carpark’s welcome seat, shade, and toilet!

Simply breathtaking, isn’t it!


Met some students and staff from Doncaster High in Victoria who were having a great time touring Central Australia. A terrific place for sharing lifelong memories, especially in the Garden of Eden, below.


Obviously, a treasure trove for geologists, naturalists and fossil hunters who’d been kind enough to chalk over the fossils so you could see them at least temporarily.


Wonderfully clear blue skies but makes some difficulties with the contrasting light and shade. Great for an SLR camera otherwise we just take what comes and pray!


If your truly keen or crazy there’s also the Giles Track near the carpark end, which is 22 km one way to Kathleen Springs. Wonder how you get back?


Enough for us. Time to beat the heat and rest a while but we’re so glad we came. ‘Wouldn’t have missed it for quids!’ as Grandad used to say, and wonderful to see ‘life’s rich tapestry’ with hikers of all ages taking time to enjoy this beautiful day.


Now for a refreshing swim with just a few unexpected visitors, wasps!

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