Scone Antics with Laucke CWA Scone Mix ****4stars

Just about Foolproof Scones.

Hoped to visit Vivid Sydney so stopped on the way to see a fellow sconquestor, armed with a packet of Laucke’s CWA Scone Mix from the supermarket, just in case it was required. Perhaps I could use the motto “Have scones, will travel”. The rain provided us with an excellent excuse to make scones so they were very welcome. I made them a few weeks ago and they were excellent. It’s a little strange mixing scones with a dough hook rather than rubbing the butter into the flour but they were light and fluffy and very yummy. There’s plenty of recipes to try out using this mix on laucke’s website too.

All set to mix when I discovered my friend no longer had the dough hooks for their ancient hand mixer. No choice but to forge ahead with the beaters. As the rain increased to torrents so did my sense of foreboding about the welfare of my scones. Some people even thought it was funny!


The cat however, was extremely happy close to the woodburner and our scones. An absolute downpour stopped us venturing out to Vivid but miraculously, the scones were not as light as before but still quite edible.

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