Milford Track, NZ. Moving Mountains *****5stars

Conquering Life’s Uphill Battles

In a time before Sconquest, one of my biggest challenges was tramping the Milford Track on the South Island of New Zealand. Even with months of training it was hard going even in the best of weather. Fortune smiled on us as we didn’t have to endure flooded rivers or furious high winds at the summit but it was still a hard slog. Arriving at the top of McKinnon Pass was extremely exhilarating and the memory of this achievement gives us strength to carry on when things gets tough. I’ve climbed McKinnon Pass so I can do it!


Torrential rain and a deluge made the rocky descent somewhat slippery but the waterfalls were magnificent in the downpour and you really knew you were alive.  After a hard days walking there was no rest as Sunderland Falls was waiting for us. After walking in New Zealand where the weather is always fine (unless it rains), you get used to the rain and mud and just keep going. That’s why we have hiking boots to splash through the puddles and runoff and poles to help  us to balance less precariously on the rocks. Funny, how rocks are a recurring theme in Sconquest. There were a lot of rocks, we thought they were never going to end.  Looking at the pictures we still notice the rocks.



Milford has come to mind as I tackle my new rock garden bed. It’s hard work clearing out the debris and working over the rock hard soil.  If I think of the stages of the zig zag up McKinnon Pass then I can divide the rather large garden into stages and work on a section every day or so and eventually it will be done. Pleased to have survived Stage 1 yesterday it’s now time to done my digging clothes and continue the transformation while I dream of magical mountains and waterfalls and how to build a rock cairn.

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  1. revailier says:

    I’ve seen 70 year old Japanese trundle up MacKinnon pass like a Sunday stroll. That had a determination that nothing was going to stop them. That place is character building.

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