Queenstown, NZ. Quietly Moving Mountains *****5stars

From Lofty Heights

Queenstown is stunning. After walking the 55 km of the Milford Track it was time for a little rest and recuperation amid the splendour of Queenstown, by Lake Wakatipu. The view from the top of the Gondola is magnificent. You can walk, catch the gondola are even take a helicopter up.


If you have your trusty thermos and your emergency rations of scotch finger biscuits  to tide you over, (they travel where scones fear to tread), take time to appreciate the panorama, the town below or the tourists equally enjoying the spectacular scenery.


After a busy day savouring the scenery or joining in the umpteen activities available in Queenstown you can catch your breath while admiring a marvellous sunset.


It was late when I finished digging over the garden bed last night, the sunset was so peaceful and I fancy I saw a shooting star, and so I thought of Queenstown.                       Time to dig again.

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