Mt Cook, New Zealand. The Unpredictability of Moving Mountains*****5stars

Keeping up the Suspense.

Vagaries in the weather provide us with different experiences from those beautifully, clear and fine days. Fortunately, I’ve tramped along the Hooker Valley in different conditions but regardless, it’s still awe inspiring in it’s unpredictability. Looming fog, dripping with rain, cold or strong winds it’s still unforgettable. These pictures will hopefully give you an inkling into the many facets of Mt Cook.


A swing bridge or two is always a great bonus and sets the heart pumping, especially if’s it’s over rocks and a raging torrent.


Alas, Mt Cook was shrouded in mist and the wind was so fierce it made your hair stand on end!

Finally, we gave up hope and waiting any longer to see anything, so we turned back. After many backward glances the mist started to clear about half way back. Humph!  This is a marvellous spot where you can sit sit on the rocks and take some tremendous photos of the mountain, yourself and fellow adventurers.


Miraculously, it had cleared by the time we were nearly back and so we consoled ourselves and enjoyed the view from the Old Mountaineers Cafe instead!


Conversely, my first visit to the Hooker Valley was brilliant sunshine and views of Mt Cook all the way from the carpark and back to the cafe and  Mt Cook visitors centre.


Maybe you know people who do their best to make swing bridges rock and heave as much as they can while your on it!!!

My favourite resting spot again! Not even a cloud in the sky today!




A Glorious Day with plenty of happy walkers out enjoying the sunshine, the fantastic views and happily snapping away with a multitude of cameras.


Of course, there was still the welcome rest at the Old Mountaineers Cafe and these magnificent stain glass windows at the visitors centre. My garden bed is improving with about a third of it turned over so far. Watering it helps to break it up but there’s  still a long way to go. At least the sunsets and stars are still crystal clear at twilight.

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1 Response to Mt Cook, New Zealand. The Unpredictability of Moving Mountains*****5stars

  1. revailier says:

    I find that memoral a place a place I like to go back to. A memorial to advenruerers and a reminder that we cannot tame nature but it can tame us. Us humans thing we are so important

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