Mt Cook, New Zealand. The Magic of Moving Mountains.*****5stars

Suspended in Time

Mount Cook is an elusive creature, keeping you in suspense for that moment when the summit is suddenly clearly visible and distinct. Sometimes you round a bend and there it is or you walk for hours with the perpetual hope that there’ll be more than just fog before you leave. Walkers tend to do a lot of looking back and reflecting at times.


Make the most of the opportunity if it’s clear and take a scenic flight over Mt Cook and the glaciers or even a skiplane that lands right on the Tasman glacier. On the way from Christchurch a most welcome stop is at the Cafe Verdi at Geraldine followed by The Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo where the wind, rocks and mountain vistas will simply take your breath away.


Of course, at Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park the weather dictates your choice of activity. Here’s some maps and walking track details. Both Glentanner and the YHA at Mt Cook are fine but you need to stock up on any supplies at Christchurch or Queenstown beforehand. If the weather forbades a walk to the Hooker Valley or views of Mt Cook there are hopefully other options including Kea Point and the Tasman Glacier.


From the Heritage Hotel or The Old Mountaineers Cafe there are excellent views where you can while away some time checking out the old mountaineering photos or consider your options and wait for that tantalising glimpse of Mt Cook.


The urge to continue is irresistible and compels us to keep exploring new horizons. There’s still along way to go so I will persevere with my digging and look at what I’ve accomplished with satisfaction and try to envisage what lays ahead. And so we will have to wait for the glorious Mt Cook and the Hooker Valley another day.

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